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      • 江西省萍鄉市湘東區產業園A區1-231號
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      Company Introduction

      Pingxiang Qicai Ceramics Co.,Ltd.is located in Xiangdong District,Pingxiang City,Jiangxi Province, which is the"Capital of China Industrial Ceramics". It was founded in 2001 and has been focused on and specialized in thbe produ ction of veer resistant eeeeie bal foro eees oe enerane o iaihi China.

      The company introduced advanced equipment in this industry, with excellent production management and innovative process technology, specializing in the production of "Qicai Ceramics brand microcrystalline corundum porcelain balls, sub-high aluminum ceramic balls, medium-high aluminum ceramic balls, medium-high aluminum lining bricks and so on. One Affiliated enterprises is included which name is Pingxiang Bohui Ceramics Co.,Ltd.,and the location is in Pingxiang Ceramic Industry Base.

      The company has a total investment of 150 million RMB,covers an area of 200 acres,The factory has 3 tunnel kilns,6 shuttle kilns, 30 high-level R&D technicians, and annual output of microcrystalline corundum porcelain balls, sub-high aluminum porcelain balls, medium-high aluminum porcelain Ball,medium and high aluminum lining bricks are more than 100,000 tons. The appearance, quality and performance of the products are all exceed the average standard of the global market,and the company is praised by both domestic and overseas architectural ceramic manufacturers.

      With the tenet of quality first, reputation first and customer first, the companyis oriented to meet the needs of customers and guaranteed by a standardized quality monitoring system. The products are sold well in ceramic industrial areas such as Guangdong,Jiangxi,Guangxi,Hunan.And established a strategic partnership with many well-known domestic ceramic companies.

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